Over the years we have done a lot of creative design work in South Africa. We have talented designers that will create an impressive magazine design and layout option for you. Our magazine publishing design team is very professional and we stick to our deadlines.

Magazine Design in South Africa

The magazine cover page is very important. Designing the page to sell your brand. It will have to be unique and different. A lot of time and thought have to go into the magazine design in Cape Town. If its not visually appealing then it wont attract the attention you are looking for. The magazine cover page design is definitely the most dominant page of the magazine.

Choosing a Magazine Design Company in Cape Town

Choosing a magazine design company in South Africa can be a daunting task. There are many companies advertising magazine design but dont have much experience designing and laying them out.

magazine design south african magazine

Our Services Include:

We have done many different magazine layouts over the years. Our publishing design team in South Africa is very professional.

Our main goal is to provide our customers with beautifully crafted magazine layout and designs. You message must be clearly communicated to your potential clients.

Whether you’re looking for a pamphlet to sell your products, inform your audience or promote your services, our magazine design company in Cape Town will create something that achieves your goals.

How to Start a Magazine

Starting a magazine is new and exciting. If done right, you could build yourself an empire in the publishing section. You need to be a hard worker to accomplish this task.  It takes a lot of work to stat a magazine and keep it running.

Firstly you will need to decide on the type of magazine you are interested in publishing. Choose your niche wisely. It can be anything ranging from home improvement to travel. There are a number of choices to go with.

  1. Pick a name
  2. Find a printer
  3. Find a graphic designer
  4. Hire writers
  5. Go to the presses
  6. Promote the new magazine

Make Sure You Have The Information Ready

When you are ready to hire a magazine designer, make sure you have all the necessary information available. Describe details about your business. This will help with the initial design process. The more information that is given, the better the magazine layout in South Africa will be.

Generally speaking, in the industry, most people like to keep the same magazine layout through editions. It’s a way of branding yourself. Consumers know what to expect when reading one. This is often seen with the magazine cover page.

Magazine Cover Design Tips:

  • The models should look directly into the camera
  • Stick with the layout of the magazine. The initial concept.
  • Only one big bold headline needed on the cover
  • Always have a central point. It should be something catchy
  • Break the cover up into 3 pieces