bonsai-graphic-designThis is a bonsai website design we did for a client. It is still a work in progress as there are still a lot more articles that need to be written but the website has been launched and is slowly climbing the Google ranks. View our graphic design page for more information on the graphics we did for this website.

It was refreshing to see all the different kinds of bonsai trees available and learning how to grow a bonsai and how to care for bonsais. If you are a bonsaienthusiast then you should take a look at this website for more information on the art of growing bonsai trees.

Bonsai Website

Take a look at this website for some interesting information on the art of bonsai. There are many different species like the Chinese elm bonsai and the ficus bonsai that you can choose from. Find out where you can join a local bonsai club or where you can buy a tree if you are looking to get into it.

You can learn from professional bonsai enthusiasts how to water and feed your bonsai tree, including things like the best time of year to be re-potting and growing various species of these miniature trees. It not just a simple as you buy a tree and it will stay alive. You need to maintain the tree and keep a close eye on it to make sure it stays healthy and thrives in your climate.