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website design 5We recently did this website design for a company named home insulations. This website has been SEO optimized with most of the targeted keywords ranking well and on page one. The company is very happy with the website design and the graphic design that we have done for them.

Home Insulations are roof insulation specialists in South Africa, they do a variety of different roof insulation products that help to keep your house at a more stable and comfortable temperature for you and your family members.

After we did the website for them, we decided to have our roof at our offices insulated. We found they offer many different roof insulation options for their customers, which is a good thing because when you dealing with a salesman who only sells one product, they will always say their product is better to make the sale. What we found with home insulations is that the took the time to sit and explain each product to us, the pros and cons of each product without being biased to one product.

So the two best insulation options they had available for us was isotherm insulation and aerolite insulation. They explained that each are in the country needs to have a certain thickness of insulation installed to meet the building requirements. The difference between these two products is listed below.

Aerolite Insulation

Think pink aerolite is a product that many of us know already. It has been around from as far back as we can remember. They have been aerolite installers for over 25 years already. It is a fibreglass product that is pink in colour. There are many benefits to having fibreglass insulation installed.

One of the primary reasons is the fire rating it comes with. It has an A class fire rating which is a good thing and has a high melting point. It is also made from recycled things like sand and glass, so it does make the product eco-friendly insulation, and it can be recycled again! We did like the sound of that.

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Isotherm Insulation

The other option was an eco-friendly insulation product called isotherm insulation. It is a new product in comparison to the glass fiber product but has some amazing benefits that come with it. Firstly the fire rating is slightly lower than aerolite. It has a B class fire rating. It not combustible at all, but it will melt faster than the aerolite. We didn’t really have a problem with that because every insulation on the market has a melting point, and honestly, if your house is on fire it doesn’t matter which product you are using, the temperature of the fire will melt or burn through them all in the end.

What we like about this product is the fact that people friendly and made from recycled materials as well. Isotherm used plastic bottles that usually get disposed of at dump sites. they take this material are recycle it into polyester insulation that doesn’t have fibreglass in it of any chemicals like another product called cellulose fibre insulation.

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Home Insulations Conclusion

We decided to go with the isotherm insulation. We told that both their R-values we very similar. Isotherm has a higher density at 11.5kg density compared to aerolites 10kg density. The polyester insulation with no chemicals and fibers won us over in the end and we decided to get it installed.

It has been over a month now since we had it installed and it has made an unbelievable difference in our offices. We just want to say thank you to home insulations for the good work and providing the service that you guys did. We highly recommend this company for insulating you home or offices!